The Cake Model Diaries

A day in the life of a model is anything but ordinary, especially if that model represents the House of Ron Ben-Israel Cakes.  Follow our cake model’s journey as she struts her stuff for photoshoots and braves the city streets of the concrete jungle.

9:13 am   Wake up and drink a much-needed cup of coffee while trolling Insta and the blogs looking for a mention. #ineedtowakeup #coffeeislife

11:02 am  Arrive at photoshoot for Fondant Fashion Week. Wait ages for them to finish adding sugar flowers and icing bands to my tiers. I just hope the photographer catches my good side. And how gorg is this hanging cascade of sugar flowers? To die for.

2:31 pm  Swing by the locksmith to pick up an extra set of keys so I can get back into my apartment. I’m their favorite customer. I swear, I had them last night when I left the club. I swear I did.

3:15 pm  An artsy shoot for a local New York mag. They put me in this super dope #ConfectionaryCouture look with lace appliqué, bling sparkles and super intricate sugar paste origami accessories. They totally make me look so tiny. LOVE it. I’m trying to look super serious and pensive, can you tell? Channeling some serious Marilyn Monroe with Douglas Kirkland circa 1961.

5:18 pm    Selfie!  Don’t you just love all the graffiti in NYC? Especially in the Garment District. Makes for crazy-amaze photo backdrops. Hit me up on Insta if you love it, too.

7:48 pm *  Grab a last minute drink at The W with one of my cake girls. Have to smile and nod while she tells me all about another total jerk who only wants her for her layers.

9:17 pm   Got caught by the paps enjoying a little snack with a photog. Ugh. It’s gonna be all over the socials tomorrow.

11:43 pm   Just slipped into a little evening number courtesy of the Sweet Genius himself before heading out on the town. Don’t you just love navy fondant? And those silver details, yum yum. Thanks, Ron for making me look super chic!  xx

Photos by Hannah Soule for Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

*Backdrop of photo: W Hotel Downtown New York, cake photos by Hannah Soule for Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

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  1. Just found you blog. Would love to know how you camera man get lovely pictures. Does he have any settings he could pass on as new to photography especially where cakes are concerned. Thank you

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