About the Author

Hannah Soule Powderly

Hannah Soule Powderly has been working in the wedding and fashion industry for close to twenty years.  A long friendship and professional collaboration with Ron Ben-Israel has led to this new venture within the world of Confectionary Couture.  Hannah is now able to utilize her skills as a photographer, filmmaker, writer, event manager, and wedding registry expert in this delicious new role on behalf of Ron Ben-Israel Cakes.

She draws inspiration for As The Cake Turns, the latest evolution in the Ron Ben-Israel brand, from the vibrant city in which she lives, complete with its ubiquitous style, inspirational art and trend-setting weddings.  Hannah’s hope is that the touch of fantasy brought to life in As The Cake Turns will inspire others to embrace the world with a sweeter touch and show that fashion has moved beyond wearables and interiors.

To get in touch with Hannah, follow her on social media on Instagram and Twitter.