Top 10 Cake Trends for Spring 2018

Fashion has a way of infiltrating all aspects of our lives, from the color of the sweater we wear to the particular shade we paint our kitchen.  Fashion inspiration starts on the runways of Milan and New York and winds it way through every aspect of our society just under the radar, that is until we realize that our gunmetal  Kitchenaid Standmixer is the very same shade of grey that walked the runway in the Prabal Garung show last year.  Go figure!

Cake is no different.  From season to season, trends surface that are a reflection of what our clients are seeing around them on the streets, on the pages of magazines and at the weddings of those who have already taken the plunge.  But who wants something that has already been done?  The cake design should feel fresh, innovative and utterly unique, aka Insta-worthy.  To stay ahead of the curve for your Spring wedding, check out what we are forecasting as the Top 10 Cake Trends for Spring 2018.


Florals aren’t just for the prim and proper of the prairie.  Breathe a breath of botanical fresh air into your cake design with a bold and bright floral print for Spring.


If you are dying for a new fringed handbag this Spring, then Swags are for you.  Delicate confectionary “roping” will add a theatrical flair to your cake…after all, aren’t you the star of the show?


Sparkle, sparkle and more sparkle.  Eat your heart out, Donna Summer.


The Pantone Color of the Year for 2018, Ultra Violet and Lavender are everywhere on the runways and now they can be on your cake.  From flowers to fondant, your lavender cake won’t cause you any sorrow, won’t cause you any pain, it’ll just have you laughing in the Purple Rain.


So busy creating your own wedding hashtag that you forgot to personalize your cake? No problem!  The addition of a monogram or logo can transform your cake into something that reflects your own brand.


Retro denim is back in style, so why not dark denim fondant?  A deep navy cake is almost as unexpected as hearing someone under the age of 70 use the word, “dungarees.”


From the bold lines of Frank Lloyd Wright to the methodical paint splatter of Jackson Pollock, art infusions in your cake design can add the drama you’re looking for.  Too much drama?  Tone it down with dreamy watercolor musings instead, courtesy of Claude Monet inspired designs.


Somewhere over the rainbow lies your future wedding cake in saturated shades of color.  Fuchsia, Scarlett and Prussian Blue are just a few standout shades that will be hot this Spring.


Paging Dr. Chanel, paging Dr. Chanel…we are in need of a statement flower in Exam 3, stat.


They are ethereal, they are dreamy, they are fashion.  A mile-high white maxi cake is the perfect angelic compliment to a Spring wedding.  These “chandelier-scraping” beauties are only en vogue for a big occasion, so go ahead, splurge a little!

All cake photography by Ron Ben-Israel Cakes, all rights reserved 2018.

Featured image photo by Hannah Soule for Ron Ben-Israel Cakes.

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