Behind the Scenes-Cake in Time

Often at Ron Ben-Israel Cakes, our interns play a major role in our creative projects.  However, I don’t think our most recent intern, Maria de la Garza, had any idea when she volunteered to participate in a photo shoot for our blog that it would involve a blue wig and a powdered face!  Maria was not only an excellent sport, she very much embodied a modern-day Marie Antoinette in rebellious leather and stilettos.  With the smell of AquaNet in the air, we got to work coaxing out Maria’s inner-diva.  Ron gave her some pointers,  as he is no stranger to the snap of a camera shutter.

For all of you history buffs out there, you may already know that the famous phrase, “Let them eat cake,” was not said by Marie Antoinette.  While she herself has been blamed for indulging a lavish lifestyle and squandering a country’s wealth while her subjects starved, the phrase never actually came out of her mouth (see more on

But we still love the pairing of cake and one of France’s most glamorous queens, which is why we created our own version of Marie A at our studio+bakery.

Thank you, Maria!  You nailed it.

If you are interested in joining our Internship program, you can read more on our website under the Teaching section.

Photos by Hannah Soule for Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

2 Replies to “Behind the Scenes-Cake in Time”

  1. I discovered Ron by way of “Sweet Genius”, on the Food network, of course. I immediately began searching for his recipes, as I love to bake, and love confections. Long story short, I began using Rons’ cake recipes for Holiday desserts for my family, and am now the famous cake lady! Friends come to the house every Holiday to see what cake I have done, and take a slice home. I would love so much to get a few more recipes to try, and trust me, NOBODY will ever get them from me. I truly enjoy Rons sense of fun, coupled with his mastery of confection, it is very endearing.

    1. Thank you, Jean! So nice to hear that you are enjoying the blog and a big supporter of Ron. Stay tuned for more posts as Ron will be creating & sharing recipes that will be exclusive to the blog. Keep baking and making the world a sweeter place!

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