Cake After Dark

Models in NYC have long since been a staple of the city’s nightlife.  Being seen stepping out of a trendy hotspot in the Meatpacking District and caught by a photographer’s flashbulb has been a right of passage for many a fledgling model in the Big Apple.  Going back to the days of Studio 54, just to be seen adjacent to someplace that was hip meant you were somebody.

Fast-forward to 2017 where fashion has slunk into a more comfortable pose.  With the hipster onslaught and throwback grunge-wear, the fashionable ones have a more relaxed approach to their nocturnal activities.

In the city that never sleeps (and doesn’t bat an eyelash very often,) even a cake grabbing a late night slice won’t raise an eyebrow.  This 6-tier beauty makes wearing white fondant after Labor Day a statement to mimic, (just like a certain A-list actress seen at this year’s Telluride Film Festival.) A flower cascade draped casually across the stacked bodice makes for a touch of glamour amongst the gritty tiles, while the hint of blue viburnum and black-centered anemones are a nod to the turning season when summer pastels make way for the jewel-tones and darker hues of the winter months.

With over 8 million inhabitants in this city, late night hook-ups are never hard to come by, especially one with such a sweet potential.  The photo crasher, who asked to remain nameless to avoid a Page 6 mention, seems to have fallen head over heels for our Confectionary Couture.  Can you blame him?

Photos by Hannah Soule for RBI Cakes



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