Fortress of Fondant

While fondant has been in existence since the 16th Century, fondant covered cakes did not gain popularity in the United States until the 1950s.  Now, with other cake styles challenging the reign of these smooth sided delights, why not switch things up?  Read on to find out why a fondant cake should be your dessert of choice.

Why do we use a fondant layer on our cakes?  

It is not a new technique, nor is it less labor to fashion cakes with fondant.  The truth is, fondant allows us to create design elements that are fresh and innovative in this otherwise unsweetened world. These design elements are the key to creating a custom cake unique to each client.

What exactly is fondant?

Fondant is an edible icing used to decorate or sculpt cakes and pastries. It is made from sugar, water, gelatin or vegetable gums and can come in different flavors or flavorless.  Fondant covered cakes are our singular choice for creating works of art that double as sweet desserts.  While naked cakes, drip cakes, and buttercream exteriors are interesting to look at, they are quite different from fondant cakes.

With fondant as an exterior, lace appliqué fashioned after the bride’s dress, architectural molding details reflective of the venue and signature flower placement can all be added for a bespoke touch.  Geometric elements, tiling or patterns reflective of fabric can all be represented on a cake with a fondant exterior.

Color is everything…

With fondant you are able to achieve a much wider color spectrum with deep, intense colors that reflect all the colors of the rainbow.  Pre-mixed color fondant is readily available now and it takes the guess-work out of self-dyeing.  Satin Ice is the fondant of choice at our studio+bakery as the color variety, consistency and brilliance cannot be matched.

Keep it cool.

Some clients say they don’t like fondant because of cakes they have tried in the past where the fondant has been allowed to dry and harden.  We all know that if you leave a slice of cake out on the table for two or three hours, the “staleness fairy” invariably will come to pay your pastry treat a visit.  A cake should remain moist with a fine crumb, but exposure to air and the elements can transform airy-lightness to hardened brick.  Fondant covered cakes, if kept properly chilled until they are ready to serve, like they are at Ron Ben-Israel Cakes, will keep their butter-soft feel and melt-in-your-mouth appeal.  Our commercial refrigerator was specially built to ensure a Ron Ben-Israel cake is stored at the perfect temperature with low humidity.

In the end, it is each person’s choice which type of cake they choose to celebrate with but remember that those silky-smooth sides of a fondant-layered cake offer more opportunity for a truly unique presentation.

Photos courtesy of Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

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